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At oyaHost we help people own their digital presence.
Our award-winning in-house support staff is available to you all day, every day, via live chat, email, and social media.


We Keeps Your Goal, Website Up and Running

When you put your goal & dreams online—your words, your photos, your creations—you shouldn't have to worry about your service provider mining that data for marketing purposes.
Those are your live dreams and opportunities not ours!. oyaHost's open platform gives you the power to share your data and creativity with freedom to control how it's used.

Our Company

OyaHost is a web solutions and software company, which was founded in 2012 by Emmanuel Kolawole under ePayTioshing Venture.
In 2018, oyaHost teamed up with top web programmer from Andela(Best Software Company in Africa) and online customer service specialist at the time, to handle the responsibilities to consolidate business and smooth running of the company
Kolawole has managed the reins of oyaHost as the Chief Executive officer, building the company to where it currently is today.

OyaHost is focusing on delivering customer support, OyaHost prides itself on delivering quality assistance and delivering

A seamless approach to helping every customer through phone calls, chats, emails and support tickets.

OyaHost has grown to be one of the top web hosting companies in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa providing services for clients inside and outside these countries

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Call or mail oyaHost experts for immediate resolution of any query or concern.
(8AM - 5PM Monday-Friday)

Phone: (+234) 701-391-1483
Email ID: info@oyahost.co

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